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Niagara Falls, Canada

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Grey Borders Magazine: September 2017, Niagara Falls Night of Art Special

$4.00 Canadian

8.5 x 11, 40pgs

contains work by:

Helen Tran (poetry): "My Name", "Love and the Colour of Peach", "l.y.m (love you more)", "he was young"

Will Macmillian Jones (poetry): "The Stranger"

Marianne McKenzie (poetry): "Spring Panic", "Fetal Failure", "Sea Shell Floor, "Auto Correct"

Amber Tran (poetry): "Kindergarten", "Overwatch", "100 Apple Seeds"

Lynn White (poetry): "Passed"

John Grey (poetry): "A Yard Sale"

Paul Douglas McNeil II (fiction): "Arctic Sounds"

Matt Rydeen (non-fiction): "Run"


Grey Borders Magazine: June 2017

$4.00 Canadian

7 x 8.5, 40pgs

contains work by:

Mori McCrae (poetry): "Highway Aftermath", "At Fifty-seven", "Escarpment", "Judgement", "This Morning" and "Territory"

JJ Steinfeld (poetry): "Will This Be...?", "The Sad Bureaucrat When the World Ends", "The Shadow Thinker and Sleep Walker", "Ardour Everlasting and Companionship Eternal", "Elusive as to Logic and Identifiable Place", "Unfulfilled", "It Is Not an Intriguing Day / Whose Fault Is That?", "Wordful and Wordless"

CLS Ferguson (poetry): "Drive Home from CSUN"

John Travers (fiction): "Dante's Deli"

Vivian Wagner (poetry): "The Orders", "#resistance", "We Don't Need to #MAGA"

Grey Borders Magazine: April 2017

$4.00 Canadian

7 x 8.5, 20pgs

contains work by:

Catharine Graham (poetry): "The Dewfield", "The Sparrow that isn't There", "4am", "Pact", "Beside the White Chickens"

Sergio Ortiz (poetry): "In a Room Full of Bodies"

Keith Inman (poetry): "The Way Home", "The Reach", "Across the Silent Years"

mercedes killeen (poetry): "Reconciliation", "Mason Jar Full of Lavender", "I Hold Her Hand"